Bridge Academy Alumni 

We are proud to share a few updates from some of our alumni.

If you are a Bridge Academy grduate and you have updated information you would like to share please Contact us


Vilma Silva

University of Connecticut

GEAR UP” Academic Advisor

Yale University




Laterrius Johnson

(Systems Administrator at Berkley Medical)


“The Bridge Academy gave me the tools I needed to become a confident leader and to achieve my goals. It is a small, safe and caring environment that allows you the opportunity to grow and find yourself”





Chanelle Botswain


Teacher (Middle School Reading & Language Arts) at Teach For America

(Western New England University)


"My time spent at The Bridge Academy prepared me for the level of rigor I encountered in college. The independent projects as well as the student centered assignments made me truly take ownership of my education. The small learning environment also enabled me to build connections & partnerships with my teachers, which truly changed the trajectory of my life! As a hardworking student I always felt capable but at Bridge I didn't have to do it alone! I had a great support system, I truly had a group of teachers & administrators who cared & wanted to help me succeed educationally & personally."





Miguel Casiano


Studies Pediatric Nursing at Housatonic Community College

2010 Graduate


“Although it’s a small school the Bridge Academy gave me everything I needed to succeed in life. This school filled me with great memories and experiences I will always remember. It was an honor to be with everyone I encountered here”





     Pamela Burgos

Paralegal at Chalumeau Law Group, LLC






Edson Texeira

Finance and Administration at Jewish Family Services

University of Southern Connecticut

“The Bridge Academy was a home away from home. There I learned how to work well with others and developed the skills necessary to do well in college and finally succeed in my care







Ana Rosa

Graduate 2001

  • Studies Masters at Barnard College
  • Graduate of Lehman College


Shirley Brunot

Charge Nurse at Nurses Rock and Small Business Owner 



Natalee Richards

Temple University- Japan Campus

Fashion Designer-Pink in Tokyo

“The experience at the Bridge Academy gave me the confidence I needed to start my own business and achieve my dreams. The small atmosphere and caring staff gave me support and a caring environment where I felt safe and secure”







Anius Williams



2015 Graduate

“The Bridge Academy helped me set future goals for myself and gave me the necessary tools to achieve them. It helped me with the discipline to stay focus on my education and gave me the ability to mold my own educational experience”







Divya Kapoor




Railene Echevarria

Housatonic Community College

Criminal Justice

“The Bridge Academy prepared me for College in many ways. It taught me how to do independent work and how to effectively use time management






Janaya Bennett

Southern Connecticut University


“The Bridge Academy has helped me to become organized and avoid procrastination. In addition this small school helped me believe in myself and to never give up”







Yasmine Morgan


2014 Graduate


University of Bridgeport

Greater Bridgeport Symphony



My experience at the Bridge Academy gave me the confidence to become a great public speaker. In addition it helped me to refine my skills and adapt to a demanding professional environment”







Charles Hernandez


2013 Graduate


Western Connecticut State University




“Bridge Academy helped me acquire the necessary skills to do really well in college. They helped me with my college application process and I was able to get into the nursing program and attain many scholarships."






Jenille J. McIntosh

Sacred Heart University

B.A Arts Design

Paraprofessional Bridge Academy


The Bridge Academy helped me not only gain knowledge but it also gave me the confidence to believe in myself. The teachers taught me to value myself and realize my full potential. From the public speaking presentations in history class that developed our real world skills to the many activities that prepared us for college. The Bridge Academy helped me become the strong educated woman I am today”.






Fahim Absar

University of Connecticut



“By Applying what I learned from the Bridge Academy in the real world I have been able to adapt and succeed at the university level. I learned to stay focused on my tasks and have been able to manage my time wisely. The student centered projects and the small caring environment really helped my preparation for future endeavors”







Natoy Fowler

Nursing Major

Patient Care Technician-Bridgeport Hospital

Bridge Academy Graduate 2012

The Bridge Academy in many ways. It has a small safe and caring environment and a staff that is always there for you. I received support with my college application, reference letter and financial aid.







Nicole T. Wilson

Class of 2015

Poet In Motion INC

“The Bridge Academy helped me by setting me on my path of personal success from art to public speaking. It was at Bridge Academy where I learned confidence and how to be creative. I am now a poet on a mission to encourage others to be themselves and find the confidence and creativity that’s in all of us”





Kanisha Jay


Class of 2009


Spelman College

Para Professional- Bridge Academy




“Bridge academy helped me prepare for the rigors of college work. By using the skills I learned at the Bridge Academy I was able to excel and succeed” 







Zaria Nicholson

Class of 2015


North Carolina State University



“My experiences at the Bridge Academy helped me have a perfect transition from high school to college. The skills I acquired made me prepared and ready for everything that came my way”.







Keith Shaw


Class 0f 2015

Western Connecticut State University



“Bridge Academy gave me not only a great education but also good social skills. I can communicate and socialize effectively with many different people. This has helped me to build my confidence and make great connections in my life”






Raheem Lynch


Class of 2015

Housatonic Community College


“ The Bridge Academy prepared me for the classes I am taking now. It gave me the skills necessary to succeed in my first year of college”.






Shanet Hinds

Fellow at National Women's Business Council

Dartmouth College





Sixto Cancel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Think of US”

(Virginia Common Wealth University)




Lais Lima

(Sales and Recruiting Intern at TEK systems)

University of Connecticut





Karianna Montalvo

University of Connecticut

Guidance Counselor 



Carlton Gill

Springfield College

Teacher’s Assistant 




Dekimbe Blackwell

(Break-Fast CEO)