A social-emotional program to build relationships, enhance social skills and create a safer school & community.

The Bridge Academy’s CPR program is conducted on a daily basis, in both the middle and high school classrooms, at the beginning of each day. Our goal is to give all of our students an engaging (and fun!) start to their day. In the high school classrooms, we have a CPR mentor program in which a few selected senior students plan and implement the CPR program along with a classroom teacher. This Peer to Peer interaction:

  • Helps our seniors:
    • Develop strong leadership skills
    • Gain confidence speaking in larger groups
    • Improves time management skills
    • Allows them to be creative
    • Gain positive relationships

**Our CPR senior mentors have an additional opportunity to earn free prom tickets, a small stipend AND are first in line for the paid tutoring positions in the middle school**

  • Helps our underclassmen:
    • Feel a sense of belonging
    • Increased motivation to come to school
    • Have an older peer as a mentor
    • Increase social skills
    • Increase confidence
    • Have fun