10/20/20: Schedule Change, PSAT’s, Wednesdays and More!

Dear Families,

Here are some important things to know about life at Bridge Academy!


Beginning this Monday, October 26, students will no longer have “independent” work days except on Wednesdays:

  • Full-Online Students: 
    • If your student is fully-online they will now log on to their classes through Google Meets four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) rather than just two days. 
  • In-Person Students:
  • MONDAY/THURSDAY STUDENTS: If your student is normally in school on Monday/Thursday, they will need to log in to their classes through Google Meets on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning with their first period class at 7:45. 
  • TUESDAY/FRIDAY STUDENTS: If your student is normally in school on Tuesday/Friday, they will need to log in to their classes through Google Meets on Mondays and Thursdays beginning with their first period class at 7:45. 

We have made this change in order to best instruct and support our students.


This day (10/29) is for the Monday/Thursday 10th and 11th graders to take the PSAT. (The Tuesday/Friday 10th and 11th graders took it last week).  All Monday/Thursday 10th and 11th graders will come to school. 

Tuesday/Friday 10th & 11th graders will stay home and work on College and Career Readiness assignments from their testing day on 10/14.  

Monday/Thursday 9th graders are in school with normal classes.

All 12th graders stay home and work on Senior Project with Ms. McNamara


Middle School: Students will either go to their Guided Reading class and work on Achieve3000 articles or go to extra help sessions with their teachers. 

  • Students must check email for Google Meets extra help invitations.
    • Students who receive one extra help invitation only need to do one Achieve3000 article.
    • Students who receive two or more extra help invitations do not have to do any Achieve3000 article.
    • Students who do not receive any extra help invitations must do two Achieve3000 articles. 

High School: Students will go to their College and Career Readiness Google Classroom and work on the appropriate IXL Math and Reading assignments.


Your children have been great about wearing their masks and we know that this is because you have communicated to them the importance of mask-wearing.  Thank you! 

This is just a reminder that actual masks (not gators or shields) are required for all students. 

Also, the holidays are approaching and some of you may be travelling.  

Please know that if you travel out of the country or to certain states, your child will need to quarantine for 14 days, or receive a negative COVID test five to seven days after returning, before coming back to school.  

Students in quarantine will not be marked absent as long as they log into all their classes beginning at 7:45 and do their work every day. 

Here is a website with information on travel advisories:



Please see the attached flier with information on getting help to pay heating and electricity bills through Eversource.


We continue to offer extra meals to in-person students at the end of each day.  Please encourage your children to take these Grab and Go meals!

It is very important that your child use a Bridge Academy chromebook to do their work.  If your child’s chromebook is not working, please bring it to school with the charger and we will replace it. 

If you struggle with your internet connection, let me know and we will get you a hotspot; this device is the size of an iphone and will act as an internet provider for your home.


We have a great after school program!  Here is an updated list of after school activities. 

Also, check out the latest video from our Media Club: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAUlj1m-bxQ

Encourage your children to join an After School Activity!  

Bridge Academy After School Programs: 2020-2021

Activity Days Times Contact
1 Pep Squad 

Start date: 9/21

M, T 1:10-2:40 Jasmine Terrell

Janay Edwards

2 Strength and Conditioning

Start date: 9/14

M, T, TH, F 1:10-2:15 Eddie Santiago

Corky Losure

3 Middle School Homework Club

Start date: 9/21

M, T, TH, F 1:10-2:15 Denise Moller
4 Parent Computer Class

8 Week Sessions Offered All Year

Start date: 9/29

T 6:00-7:00PM Sheridan Mcnamara
5 Free Swim Lessons: 

6 Week Sessions Offered All Year

Start date: 9/26

Saturdays 11:00-11:30


Shehan Center

Rachel Allison

6 High School Credit Recovery

Start date: 9/15

T, Th 2:30-4:00 Tim Dutton

Alison Heery

7 HOPE Violence Prevention Program

Contact kgiglio@shehancenter.org

M 4:00-4:45 Shehan Center

Kathy Giglio

8 Cooking Lessons



M 2:00-2:45 Shehan Center

Kathy Giglio

9 High School Student Council

Start date: 9/22

T, TH 1:15-2:15 Elaine Roper

Jen Van

10 Spoken Word Club F 1:15-2:15 Sidney Fernendez

Elaine Roper

11    Violin Lessons

Start date: 9/29

T, W Half hour slots from 4:00 to 6:00  

Julie Overland

Rachel Allison

12 Agriculture Club T, TH 1:15-2:15 Jesse Hungerford
13 Media Club M, T 1:15-2:15 Corky Losure

Eric Anderson

14 Games Club M, T, TH, F 1:05-2:15 Jermaine Paige
15 Young Women’s Leadership Program T, TH 2:15-3:15 Rachel Allison

Fola Sumpter