Hello Bridge Parents and Students!

We are so excited to see our first group of students this Tuesday, September 8!  (Thursday, September 10, for the Monday/Thursday kids). 

A few reminders about the start of school:


If your child is in the Tuesday/Friday group, we expect them to either be in school by 7:30 or, if they have opted out of in-person school, online by 7:45, on Tuesday, September 8. 

If your child is in the Monday/Thursday group we expect them to either be in school by 7:30 or, if they have opted out of in-person school, online by 7:45, on Tuesday, September 10.

Students who will be fully-online MUST PICK UP A BRIDGE ACADEMY CHROMEBOOK before school starts.  Call 203-336-9999.

All students who come to in-person school need to be in uniform, bring a locker-lock, wear a mask and honor the social distancing norm of staying six feet apart.  


Students who are working online must go to their gmails accounts and click the “Join” button in the Google Classroom invitations their teachers have sent; they must do this before school begins next week.  Once they are in class through Google Meets next week, they must follow the meeting norms of having their chromebook muted and the camera on.  Attendance will be taken so make sure your children are checking email and Google Classroom in order to join all of their classes!

If you already have a Bridge Academy chromebook, bring it to school on your first day.


In addition to getting free breakfast and lunch, students who are in school will be offered a bag containing FREE lunch and breakfast for the next two days; please encourage your children to take this “grab and go” meal at the end of every day they are in school.

Families whose children are fully-online may come to Bridge Academy every Wednesday to pick up FREE school breakfast and lunch to make up for your child not being in school.  Come to the cafeteria doors on the train track side of the building anytime between 11:30 and 1:30 starting next Wednesday, September 9, to pick up your meals.


It is very important that we have your contact information.  Please fill out our 2020-2021 Emergency Contact Form here: https://forms.gle/V436kq7TtEL88uzN7


Check out this brief welcome video from our staff.   We can’t wait to see our students!



The class schedule for Middle and High School will be as follows every day but Wednesdays, including next week:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Class schedule for Middle School

7:45 – 8:00 Homeroom/CPR

8:00 – 8:50 Period 1

8:55 – 9:35 Period 2

9:40 – 10:20 Period 3

10:25-10:55 8th Grade Lunch/7th Grade Reading/Mathfacts

10:55-11:20 7th Grade Lunch/8th Grade Reading/Mathfacts

11:25-12:15 Period 4

12:20-1:05 Period 5

Class schedule for High School

7:45-8:00 Homeroom/CPR

8:00 – 8:50 Period 1

8:55 – 9:50 Period 2

9:55 – 10:50 Period 3

10:55-11:45 Period 4 

11:45 12th grade dismissal

11:50 – 1:15 HS Lunch wave 1 (11:50 – 12:20)/Period 5 (12:25 – 1:15)

Period 5 (11:50 – 12:40)/HS Lunch wave 2 (12:45 – 1:15)