Good Morning Middle School Families!

We want to prepare you for what is expected of you tomorrow, Wednesday, September 23.  (The next two Wednesdays will be different; you will be taking a standardized test on those days. However, after that what is described here will become our regular Wednesday routine). 

Our goal for Wednesdays is two-fold: to give you the literacy practice they need to meet college and career readiness as readers and to offer any of you who are struggling in classes the extra help you need to succeed.

Tomorrow, you will be doing ONE of the following:

1) Reading and answering questions about TWO articles in Achieve 3000 OR

2) Meeting with ONE teacher for extra help through Google Meets and reading and answering questions about ONE article in Achieve 3000


3) Meeting with more than one teacher through Google Meets for extra help: these students do NO Achieve 3000 articles.


The Achieve 3000 articles will be assigned through your Guided Reading Google Classrooms 

  • The link for the work will be in the Guided Reading Classroom in classwork (not the stream). 
  • You must begin work at 8:00 and have until 11:45 to complete their work.
  • You must click on the tab at the top of the page and do five things: 
  1. Take the “Before Reading Poll”
  2. Read the “Article”
  3. Take the “After Reading Poll”
  4. Do the “Activity”
  5. Answer the “Thought Question”
  • You must follow this process twice, once for each of the two articles they are assigned.
  • This work counts as a grade in your Guided Reading classes.



  • You will receive Google Meets invitations and emails from the teachers who feel you need some extra support. You must check your email at 7:45 tomorrow morning!
    • Many of you have already received emails letting you know about your extra help sessions tomorrow.
    • Those of you who do not receive any Google Meets emails or invitations do not have extra help and must do TWO Achieve 3000 assignments.
  • These meetings are mandatory. If you miss a session you will be marked absent and will lose credit.
  • These meetings take place during the time you would have class on a half day.  Here is the schedule:

Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5

  • If you have two or more scheduled meetings with teachers tomorrow you are exempt from the Achieve 3000 assignments and will not lose credit IF they attend their extra help sessions.
  • Students who have only one meeting with a teacher tomorrow must do one Achieve 3000 assignment; they may choose the article that they read.

Please contact me with your questions.

Thank you!