Dear Bridge Families,

Just like last Wednesday, your children are taking an important assessment this Wednesday, October 7. 

Last week students took the NWEA MAP assessment in Reading.  This week all students will be taking the NWEA MAP test in Math.  All students will take the assessment online from home. 

Wednesday morning at 7:45 AM students must log into their homeroom (1st period) Google Classroom; there will be a link there for a Google Meets.  They must join that Google Meets to take the test.  

The test will begin at 8:00 AM, though students should join the Google Meets at 7:45 to ensure that they are on time.   Students have until 11:45 to complete the assessment. They should take their time and use all of the math strategies they have learned throughout their years in school.   The test is approximately 40 questions long and should take around an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

For this math test please ensure that your child has scratch paper and a pen or pencil available.  Students may not use any other supports on the test including calculators or help from adults or friends.  Students should also have a quiet space away from distractions in which to work. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students may not leave their computers for more than five minutes or the program will kick them out; we can reset the test but this is time-consuming and distracting for students.  Students should also not open extra tabs on their computers as this may also interfere with their ability to continue the test. 

Computer cameras need to be on; mics should be muted. To ask a question students may unmute and ask out loud or type their question into the chat box of the meeting. 

Here is a video showing exactly what students will do on Wednesday:

This assessment does not count as a grade for any class; the purpose is to give us information that will help us better support your child’s math skills.

Thank you in advance for ensuring that your children get online first thing Wednesday!