Enrollment Process for The Bridge Academy

The Bridge Academy is allowed to educate a total of 280 students each year.  We are a 7th grade through 12th grade school. That roughly breaks down into 45 to 50 students per grade.  

When a student is enrolled, the student keeps that spot year after year until they graduate or withdraw from the school.  

Once you submit an application, the following could happen:

How the waitlist works:

Students are not enrolled after October 1.

If a student is placed on the waitlist for a particular grade, and does not get offered a seat that year, the student stays on the waitlist for the next grade the following year.

If a seat for that grade becomes available (a student withdraws from the school, moves, etc), then the school enrollment officer contacts the next student on the waitlist to offer that seat.

There is no need to apply every year for a spot at The Bridge Academy.  

Each grade’s waitlist could have a different number of applicants.  We usually have some seats available each year – so there is a good chance that waitlisted students will be eventually given the opportunity to enroll.