The Executive Board of the Bridge Academy meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 6 pm.

The primary focus of the Executive Board is to oversee the financial health of the school.

Teachers, Administrators and Community Members serve on this board.

Click HERE for Executive Board Meeting minutes.

Subcommittees of the Executive Board:

Governing Council

The Governing Council meets the first Monday of each month during the school year.  Meetings are open to all.  Teachers, students and parents serve on this board.  The Governing Council supports the day-to-day experience in school by managing climate and culture policies, such as uniform issues, field trips, technology use and bullying.   Click HERE to get to the Governing Council page, where you will also find meeting minutes.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month, ahead of the Executive Board’ monthly meeting.  At meetings, the Finance Committee reviews all financial aspects of the school, including monitoring expenses and income and approving the budget.  Click HERE for Finance Committee meeting minutes.

Nominating Committee



Current Executive Board Members:

E Board List