Middle School Math Class

Flex Classroom

The Bridge Academy Middle School Math Class for grades 7 and 8 is not a traditional classroom.  Instead of the teacher spending a lot of time teaching the same concept to the entire class at the same time, students learn more independently and at an individualized pace.  Students have access to several important tools to help them learn concepts including:

  • Tablet computers
  • An online textbook with instructional videos and practice problems
  • Online math practice sites

Students use these resources in class and at home.  As students master skills, they move on to the next skill right away without having to wait for everyone else to master the skill.

Why Flex?

Students often do not learn at the same pace as peers.  Sometimes a student needs less time or more time than peers to master a skill.  In our classroom, students have the time they need.  Students are also given more independence in their learning, which develops responsibility.  In a flex classroom, students are learning how to learn for themselves.

A typical day in our flex classroom….

  • Students work independently on learning and practicing concepts, using the section checklist or a step-by-step guide (see back for an example)
  • Students proceed through a series of steps including watching and taking notes on short videos that demonstrate specific math skills, practicing those skills, and eventually taking a quiz on them
  • For homework, students are expected to spend 30 or more minutes continuing to work through the checklist
  •    Teachers work one-on-one with students when needed and sometimes students work in small groups together


What can parents do?

Daily, parents can support their children by asking to see their math checklists, noticing what step their child is working on, and ensuring their child continues working on the next step on the checklist for homework.

Please note:

  • If a student masters the skill, he/she moves on to the next concept
  • If a student does not master the skill, the student gets more support and practice with that concept
  • A student may not move on to new concepts until he/she has mastered the concept he/she is working on