Hello Middle School Families!

As you know, Bridge Academy, along with Bridgeport Public School, will be moving to full online learning starting this Monday, November 23.


Please know that if Bridgeport Public Schools decide to close again this week Bridge Academy will remain open and middle school buses will still run. 


Here are some things to know about online learning:

  • Our class schedule will remain the same, with classes beginning at 7:45 and ending at 1:15.
  • The order of your child’s classes will remain the same.
    • Teachers take attendance during homeroom and during every class throughout the day.
    • Students who have their camera off or who do not respond to the teacher throughout the class will be marked absent. 
    • Try to ensure that your child has a quiet space in which to work.  
      • When possible, other children should be kept away from them and noise should be kept to a minimum.
      • Remember that your child is still in school and succeeding in school is the most important job they have!  
        • Please do not ask your child to run errands or clean or do anything but school from the hours of 7:45 to 1:15.  This includes actual paid jobs!
      • Students must wear appropriate clothes while “in school”. 
      • Students must sit up while “in school”; no lying in bed during class!
      • Cameras on.


We are holding an informational meeting for all families this Thursday, November 19, from 6:00 to 7:00.  We will review the basics of online learning and be available to answer any questions.

Click this link a little before 6:00 this Thursday to join: https://meet.google.com/cgz-riep-adb?hs=122&authuser=0


Wednesdays will still be a day for independent work and extra help. 

Please talk to your child every Tuesday evening to ensure that they understand the work they need to do the next Wednesday. This work consists of:

  • Doing two Achieve3000 assignments (only for students who have not been invited to extra help sessions): 
    • These assignments consist of answering a pre reading survey about a topic, reading an article, answering multiple choice questions, answering a short answer question and taking a post reading survey.
  • Going to one mandatory extra help session and doing one Achieve3000 assignment (only for students who have been invited to just one extra help session).
    • Make sure your child reads their Bridge email carefully on Tuesday evening; all extra help invitations are sent through email.  
  • Going to two or more extra help sessions (Achieve3000 assignments waived for these students). 
    • Make sure your child reads their Bridge email carefully on Tuesday evening; all extra help invitations are sent through email.  

Please Note: Students who are invited to mandatory extra help sessions and do not attend are not given credit for any Achieve3000 assignments they do. 

Please know that your child’s teachers are here for them and you; please email them with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you!